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  • "The Big Rest no.2" was created during lockdown in Punta Ballena, Uruguay, 2020.

    This is one of the pictures that published internationally by renowned curators worldwide.


    In 2020 I couldn't fly back to my home in Vienna, as all airports were closed.

    I entered in deep connection during months with my birthplace and started to portray landscapes I knew for years, but with a different vision.


    This image belongs to one of my most extensive landscape photography series called "The Big Rest". The collection started during the historic lockdown of 2020 and is extended until today.


    I felt the earth was taking a rest from humanity, and  I needed to capture that "Big Rest".  

    I could find ways to escape lockdown to stand in front of the immensity of nature, trying to read it's movements by contemplation and silence. 


    "The Big Rest" was an act of introspection, of reading my own self through the subtle and powerful architectural impulse of nature.

    Technical Information:


    Printed on museum quality, legendary Ilford Prestige 310g/m2 Semi-Gloss paper.


    What you see on your print:

    • At the center, the printed image.
    • White Borders around the image.
    • At the bottom: Logo of Authenthicity "H" (© Horacio Reyes Páez) , and place of production: "Printed in Vienna, Austria"


    Paper Size Options:

    50 x 70 centimeters (19,6 x 27,5 inches).

    70 x 100 centimeters (27,5 x 39,3 inches).


    • Paper weight: (310 g/m²)
    • Giclée printing quality
    • Hand Crafted by master printers in Vienna, Austria.

    "The Big Rest no.2" - The Big Rest Series

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