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  • Signed by hand by the artist, with place and date.


    "A basic House Transfomation" was a photographic study, a recording process, and live installation of an old wooden house against the elements of nature. I have written about it at "The Invisible."

    This is one of the most important works I made as a visual artist, and has been featured and published by renowned curators worldwide. 


    Technical Information:


    Printed on museum quality, legendary Ilford Prestige 310g/m2 Semi-Gloss paper.


    What you see on your print:

    • At the center, the printed image.
    • White Borders around the image.
    • At the bottom: Logo of Authenthicity "H" (© Horacio Reyes Páez) , and place of production: "Printed in Vienna, Austria"


    Paper Size Options:

    50 x 70 centimeters (19,6 x 27,5 inches).

    70 x 100 centimeters (27,5 x 39,3 inches).


    • Paper weight: (310 g/m²)
    • Giclée printing quality
    • Hand Crafted by master printers in Vienna, Austria.

    A Basic House Transformation (Signed)

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