Interested in the connection between art and spiritual research,

Vienna based film director and photographer Horacio Reyes Paez's study, is an harmonious amalgamation of process and practice. Seeking out moments of visual poetry, Paez's imagery is an example of his personal curiosities influencing his aesthetic direction.⁠ For this Uruguayan visual artist, striving to connect the physical with something more pensive and spiritual is a process that underpins his work. Capturing moments that seem frozen in time, he invites the viewer to take a moment's pause. ⁠

Gestalten Journal / Berlin, Febraury 2020 (

"Visual poetry can be a form of healing, and to seek these moments through film or photography can make the audience experience a conscious moment full of personal intuition and oneness. I feel that I am working relentlessly to try to open that window."

Horacio Reyes Páez

-Interview for, Berlin, 2020.