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Horacio Reyes Páez (Montevideo, 1987)  is a Vienna based film director, photographer and musician. 


"His study is an harmonious amalgamation of process and practice. Seeking out moments of visual poetry, Paez's imagery is an example of his personal curiosities influencing his aesthetic direction.⁠ For this Uruguayan visual artist, striving to connect the physical with something more pensive and spiritual is a process that underpins his work.


Capturing moments that seem frozen in time, he invites the viewer to take a moment's pause." ⁠

Gestalten / Berlin, Febraury 2020 (www.gestalten.com)


"Visual poetry can be a form of healing, and to seek these moments through film, sound, or photography can make the audience experience a conscious moment full of personal intuition and oneness."

Horacio Reyes Páez

Interview for IGNANT (www.ignant.com)

From independent productions to bigger commissions, from Portraits & Fashion to Landscape or Architectural Photography, Reyes Páez accomplishes all his works with unique style & storytelling.

With his solid compositions, intriguing details, and cinematic angles, Páez gives the opportunity to reveal a beauty that often goes unnoticed. There is a fascinating eeriness and dream-like quality to his work. Both his images and film showcase a world thrown into a quiet chaos, which, despite its future being messy and uncertain, evokes feelings of serenity and purity. For Páez, his lens becomes an important emotional bridge to the past, and between him and the viewers.

Devid Gualandris, for IGNANT.

Berlin, October 2020.

Full interview: here


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Horacio Reyes Páez was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1987.
Coming from a family of renowned Uruguayan artists (Páez Vilaró Family) he started his work as a filmmaker and photographer when he got his first analogue and videotape cameras at age 16.

Also through his father, José María Reyes Delgado, he was nurtured first hand  from the most important school of communicators in Montevideo, being his father one of the communicational gurus in Uruguay´s advertising history. 

Apart from visual storytelling, Páez's strong potential with music was shown when he started playing his first Bach preludes on classical guitar at age 10, passion that led him to become a classical music performer and composer.

He concluded his studies as a film director at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires (FUC), and then was invited to settle in Vienna, Austria, to study classical guitar with consecrated guitar maestro, Alvaro Pierri (MDW).

Reyes Páez has worked and created award winning films (El Efecto del Amor, 2013 - From Blanes To Klimt, 2016), and was featured in mportant art and design platforms such as "Gestalten" (www.gestalten.com), and "IGNANT" (www.ignant.com).

Having worked for many brands, among others: Chanel Paris, Cipriani, and Nespresso, Paez's main goal is to achieve poetic and powerful artistic insight in each of the creations under his direction.

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